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Why Choose ADT asADT Best Alarm  Monitoring Company Your Home Security Company ?

"Nothing is better than peace of mind", You would rather not lose your possessions or worry about loved ones. Wouldn't you feel better if all you loved ones and possessions are protect from burglary and fire and much more from the #1 home security company, ADT ?

ADT Home Security Activates more than 80 alarm systems each hour, has more than 6,000 installers and alarm service technicians nationwide.

ADT Home Security Interfaces with approximately 38,000 law enforcement, medical and fire agencies across the country.

ADT Guarantees its service in writing

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History Of ADT

How Long Has Your Alarm Companies Been Around ?

ADT Security was founded more than 137 years ago. ADT is the largest single electronic security provider.

ADT Security Services more than 6.2 million residential home security customers; not counting small business and commercial customers throughout the U.S.

ADT Total Security Solutions include the following :

  • • Home Security Systems
  • • Intrusion Protection
  • • Video Surveillance
  • • Access Control
  • • Critical Condition Monitoring
  • Health Monitoring
  • Elder Care Monitoring
  • • Electronic Article Surveillance
  • • RF Identification
  • • System Integration

ADT Security Customers.

This Many People and Businesses Trust ADT - You Should To !

  • Over 6 Million Home Security
  • Customers.
  • • 90% of Fortune 500 Companies.
  • • 80% of Top Retailers in the U.S.
  • • A number of Top Banking institutions and holding companies.
  • • 72 U.S. Airports, 19 out the Top 30 Busiest Airports.
  • • The Pentagon
  • • The White House
  • Fort Knox
  • • All Federal Courthouses Nationwide
  • • All Federal Judges Nationwide

Moving, Need a New Home Alarm Activated or Installed ?

We Have You Covered !

  • Home Security is important when you are moving into a new home. Americas Ultimate Security ! ADT can make it easy for you to set up you home alarm and we have specials to make it low cost also.

What is offered in ADT Packages

  • Fast Alarm Response
  • Easy to use Home Security
  • Equipment
  • Affordable Monthly Monitoring Fees
  • • Next Generation Equipment and Technology
  • Local Office for ADT Home Alarm Installation and Service